This system operates by combining transdermal electroporation with biophotonic phototherapy to achieve a synergy that boosts the effect of both treatments.

Transdermal Electroporation by high-voltage electrical pulses is the most effective method for introducing active ingredients into the skin without injecting, both in terms of the amount of active ingredient delivered into the skin and the variety of active ingredients that can be introduced.
Biophotonic Phototherapy consists of the conversion of light energy, depending on its wavelength, into chemical and physical reactions that act at the cellular level in a fully selective way, thus being able to perform the desired treatment.

  • 633 nm. Restores the dermal matrix. Activates the restoration of the dermal matrix through the metabolic activation/acceleration of fibroblasts.
  • 420 nm. Destroys Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria. Produces oxygen radicals, causing the destruction of the bacteria.

[RF] LAB system

This device is designed to perform rejuvenating and firming treatments by applying bipolar radiofrequency combined in synergy with biophotonic phototherapy. The most advanced technology for a lifting effect without surgery.

Bipolar Radiofrequency is a type of electromagnetic radiation that produces an increase in temperature (hyperthermia), converting electrical energy into internal heat by using very high-frequency alternating currents. This causes a rotational movement in molecules and increases cellular metabolism. The use of bipolar radiofrequency makes it possible to perform more intense treatments in an even, safe way, avoiding the dispersion of energy while controlling the energy intensity and the electrical route in the treatment area.

Facial treatments: Firming (lifting effect). Anti-wrinkle. Acne. Scars.
Body treatments: Firming (lifting effect). Cellulite. Localised fat. Acne. Scars. Stretch marks.

  • 590 nm. Stimulates fibroblasts. Stimulates fibroblasts to firm the face and body. Tightens collagen and elastin fibres.
  • 420nm. Eliminación bacteria Propionibacterium Acnes. Produce radicales de oxígeno, provocando la destrucción de la bacteria.


This energy device combines the emission in unison of two types of fractional waves (FDE Fractional Dual Energy) for use in lipolytic body treatments. State-of-the-art aesthetic equipment to combat localised stubborn fat.

Due to their percussion movement, the Low-Frequency Ultrasonic Waves break the adipocyte cell membrane and atomise the fat contained inside, releasing triglycerides (TAGs).
The Vibration Impact Waves use vibration to stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting drainage and the elimination of released fat from the treated area.

The same treatment session combines the action of destroying (Lipolysis) and the action of eliminating (Drainage) to achieve the most spectacular lipolytic results.

  • Maximum safety thanks to its transducers. Its flat surface comes into complete contact with the skin, making it possible to adjust the frequency and intensity of the wave emission in real time, without heat losses. In addition, due to the conical emission of the waves and its working method in continuous motion, it spreads the energy over wider areas, ensuring maximum safety during the application of the treatment.