The days are getting longer, the sun is the main character in a deep blue sky, the breeze is growing warmer, and we’re shrugging off all the layers that helped us keep the cold at bay in recent months. Summer is almost here, which means our bodies start to become increasingly exposed.


Year after year, when this season arrives, many of us become frustrated when we try to see specific results in our body and, no matter how much work we put in, we don’t achieve them.

At summecosmetics we know that every individual’s body is unique, not only in terms of appearance, but also in how it responds to different treatments. That’s why we want to help you work out which body type you have, since it can be of great help for setting realistic goals and selecting beauty treatments that are effective with these goals in mind.

Here are our recommendations according to the different somatotypes (another word for body types), which are defined depending on physical constitution, metabolism and each person’s capacity to generate muscle mass and fat. In line with these different parameters, we have ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph bodies.



Is your bone structure slim, with long limbs, small breasts and narrow shoulders? Do you have difficulty gaining muscle or fat? That means you have an Ectomorph body.

Treatments that add volume and help to sculpt your physique can be particularly beneficial to your silhouette, as well as products that deeply hydrate your skin, since your accelerated metabolism quickly uses up the resources on the dermal surface.

  • Exfoliants: regular use helps to maintain skin that is soft and radiant, while promoting cell regeneration and good skin tone. GLOBAL SVELT BODY PEEL GEL WITH PERLITE renews your skin with a delicious tropical aroma, while preparing it to facilitate the absorption of other treatment products and respecting your hydrolipidic mantle.
  • Volumizing lotions: choose redensifying body creams, like PERFORMME VOLUME UP MAKER, whose powerful active ingredients stimulate lipid proliferation and accumulation in the adipocytes, or fat cells, found in fatty tissue, causing a filler effect in your bust.
  • Treatments with [MS] MESOLAB: Multiply the visible results on your body with the most effective, painless and safe technology available. Thanks to this powerful device, we will be able to ensure the active ingredients in our formulations reach the deepest layers of the skin, maximizing their effectiveness… And without using needles!



You have a mesomorph body if you have an average constitution and a balanced metabolism. People with this body type tend to maintain the musculature with relative ease, and they don’t find it difficult to lose fat.

To highlight your figure, opt for treatments that improve dermal definition and firmness, as well as pamper your skin by improving its texture. You can even try to give it a hint of luminosity for special occasions!

  • Remodeling creams: look for products that firm and tone your skin. We recommend PERFORMME PUSH UP CREATOR, whose effective active ingredients tighten and reinforce the structural tissues in the areas treated with equipment, or our GLOBAL SVELT REMODELLING CREAM to regain the skin’s natural suppleness and tone while encouraging a lipolytic action.
  • Personalized serums: with My[B]CODE SHOCK BODY SERUM you’ll be able to take a unique and customized treatment home. It consists of a base serum enriched with three body concentrates (codes), to address the body problems that concern you the most. For your somatotype, we would recommend the code 41/41/51: with My[B]CODE 41 FIRMING CODE, which lifts and defines the silhouette, and My[B]CODE 51 RENEWAL CODE, which improves the flexibility and appearance of the skin.
  • Treatments with [RF] LAB system: Would you like to achieve a lifting effect in your skin without surgery? Amplify the effect of your beauty treatments with our cutting-edge technology that will help firm and rejuvenate your skin.



On the other hand, if your figure has a bulky bone structure with low stature and a wide waist, you likely have an endomorph body. This body type usually involves a slow metabolism that facilitates weight gain.

Are you looking to enhance your body’s beauty? Treatments that focus on reducing fat and body contour to stylize and improve its natural shape are perfect for you:

  • Lipo-reducing creams: ingredients like caffeine and carnitine, which you’ll find in our GLOBAL SVELT LIPO-REDUCING CREAM, can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and refine your silhouette.
  • Shaping lotions: products designed to refine and sculpt the body’s contours are your greatest allies. With PERFORMME BODY DESIGNER, you’ll reduce the body volume of highly localized areas, including the belly, waist, thighs and hips.
  • Multipurpose products: What if we told you that you can reshape your figure while protecting your skin from UV rays when doing outdoor activities? You can do just that thanks to our sunscreen with a lipo-reducing effect, SUMMESUN SPF20 EMULSION, which stimulates an intense “fat-burning” effect during sun exposure.
  • Treatments with [LP] LIPOLAB FDE: we will be able to destroy and drain the most stubborn fat from those localized areas that do not decrease with diet or exercise in a single salon session with our definitive professional shaping equipment for lipolytic body treatments.


Accepting your unique body type and understanding the treatments that can improve your physique is the first step to achieving any beauty goal. Personalized treatment plans supported by professional advice are key, since they respect the individuality of each figure based on an in-depth body assessment, and they guarantee safe and effective results.

Ready to explore the best beauty treatments for your figure? Book an appointment at your summecosmetics salon and say hello to the newly self-confident, satisfied you.